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3o days to fit – better than ever

Well, 2 years ago I started this journey. The first year I lost over 60 pounds. The second year was basically maintenance and trying to stay exercising and eating decent while planning weddings for 2 of our daughters. This year I wanted to get serious again and lose the rest of the weight to get to my goal. A friend sent me some Arbonne Fitness samples. I thought well if she was kind enough maybe I would try them. She sent me some Fizz sticks, kind of a healthy alternative to energy drinks, and she sent some protein shake powder. I figured I needed something new and this was as good as any. Oh boy was I wrong. It is SO much better than I expected! I have been using the products for over a month and will be continuing. About halfway through the first month I began to notice lots of changes. Not only was I losing weight again, but I felt good, really good. Not hyper like too much caffeine good, I do NOT like that feeling, no , I felt healthy good. I stopped feeling so fatigued, I stopped feeling like I would crash if I didn’t take a handful of B complex daily. So then I really started to study up on what is in this stuff and why does it work so well. I will be posting the videos I have been watching, then sharing how you can get started with this too. I am now a consultant with Arbonne mostly just for myself and my family but I would be happy to order for you or help you if you like.

Oh yeah, I have lost 15 more pounds.

fitness tip #302

Keep a fitness journal. I used to use but it seemed to need some updating, so recently I have switched to , I journal what I eat and my exercise, it really helps as I tend to not eat enough if I don’t. It also has an app I can use on my phone that will even scan a barcode from the food I make, like the old fashioned oatmeal container. If you eat processed foods (which you shouldn’t) you can scan the package to add a serving to your day. That will probably help you kick that habit quickly.

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