how I start my morning

detox tea

I had no idea I liked dandelion tea until I started using Arbonne products. I have already shared how much I love their stuff, but it is funny how I learn more everyday about how well formulated their products are. Anyway, this is how I start my day, with a quart size jar of very warm water and a detox tea bag . Love it!

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Well after watching the 30 days to fit video teaching on exercise that I posted here I decided to add stretching to my workout routine. It makes a HUGE difference!


Did you know that worry and stress will actually cause you to gain weight? It will. And no matter how hard you try and how good you are with your plan, if you don’t overcome the stress you will still have  hard time. Find something, some sort of place or activity that helps. Mine are prayer and exercise. I exercise just as much for my peace of mind as I do for the physical benefits, it just helps clear my head. I also make it a point to spend time in prayer before sleeping and also before getting out of bed in the morning. My sleep is usually very peaceful. God knows how to direct my day better than I do. I would be a fool to not ask for those directions. :)

my daily routine

I get up between 4 and 6 am, I pray, then get busy. I do lots of online work but try to space out the sitting part. In an average day I walk 5 – 10 miles on the treadmill. I have been planning to add a weight workout but just have not fit it in. I will have in the early AM a protein shake with Arbonne protein, usually chocolate. Then I will have a protein breakfast. Then I will have a carb breakfast or early lunch. Then I will have either another shake  then a protein supper, or sometimes I switch those up. I also will have an occasional Fit chew throughout the day if I am in the mood.  I try not to eat after 6. I will also have a fizz mid morning and mid afternoon. Overall that usually works out to be about 1200 calories.

My favorite meal today, was a chicken breast and avocado salad. Oh my goodness I could eat that every day.

What is a Fizz you ask? Leave me a comment and I will invite you to find out, or you can check out my Arbonne site, fill out the guestbook and I will send you a free sample

here are links to actual product labels, click on them to get full size

Protein powder protein shake mix vanilla

Fizz fizz pom

Fit chews chew choc


30 days to fitness – exercise

30 days to fitness – detox

30 days to fitness – hormone balance

30 days to fitness – overview

special events

One of our daughters is getting married this month but that is no reason to fall off the bandwagon. Still exercising and doing my best with the meals. Good so far.

the beginning

Well hello! I will be sharing parts of my testimony in the next few weeks but here is a bit to begin with. I spent the last year losing 60+ pounds and getting back in shape. I still would like to lose more, not really for looks but rather for health. I have really prayed a lot, asking the Lord for help and wisdom exactly how to do this. Did you know that He is faithful to help us when our motives are right? Well He is, He cares.

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