how I start my morning

detox tea

I had no idea I liked dandelion tea until I started using Arbonne products. I have already shared how much I love their stuff, but it is funny how I learn more everyday about how well formulated their products are. Anyway, this is how I start my day, with a quart size jar of very warm water and a detox tea bag . Love it!

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mix it up

After being on this journey for several years I have learned just how well  our bodies adapt. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad if you want it to change. And if you have weight to lose change is what we need. If we want to get stronger, change is what we need. If we want to firm up change is what we need. So mix things up a bit. Don’t get into such a routine that your body no longer responds. Change your workouts around, change you eating plan around. Simply switching breakfast with dinner twice a week can make a huge difference.


Did you know that worry and stress will actually cause you to gain weight? It will. And no matter how hard you try and how good you are with your plan, if you don’t overcome the stress you will still have  hard time. Find something, some sort of place or activity that helps. Mine are prayer and exercise. I exercise just as much for my peace of mind as I do for the physical benefits, it just helps clear my head. I also make it a point to spend time in prayer before sleeping and also before getting out of bed in the morning. My sleep is usually very peaceful. God knows how to direct my day better than I do. I would be a fool to not ask for those directions. :)

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fitness tip #302

Keep a fitness journal. I used to use but it seemed to need some updating, so recently I have switched to , I journal what I eat and my exercise, it really helps as I tend to not eat enough if I don’t. It also has an app I can use on my phone that will even scan a barcode from the food I make, like the old fashioned oatmeal container. If you eat processed foods (which you shouldn’t) you can scan the package to add a serving to your day. That will probably help you kick that habit quickly.

fitness tip #301

the New year is a great time for new starts, but if you miss it there is a Monday in every week!

fitness tip #107

Add some jump and shout praise music to your workout time.

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