my daily routine

I get up between 4 and 6 am, I pray, then get busy. I do lots of online work but try to space out the sitting part. In an average day I walk 5 – 10 miles on the treadmill. I have been planning to add a weight workout but just have not fit it in. I will have in the early AM a protein shake with Arbonne protein, usually chocolate. Then I will have a protein breakfast. Then I will have a carb breakfast or early lunch. Then I will have either another shake  then a protein supper, or sometimes I switch those up. I also will have an occasional Fit chew throughout the day if I am in the mood.  I try not to eat after 6. I will also have a fizz mid morning and mid afternoon. Overall that usually works out to be about 1200 calories.

My favorite meal today, was a chicken breast and avocado salad. Oh my goodness I could eat that every day.

What is a Fizz you ask? Leave me a comment and I will invite you to find out, or you can check out my Arbonne site, fill out the guestbook and I will send you a free sample

here are links to actual product labels, click on them to get full size

Protein powder protein shake mix vanilla

Fizz fizz pom

Fit chews chew choc


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