30 days to fitness – hormone balance

30 days to fitness – overview

3o days to fit – better than ever

Well, 2 years ago I started this journey. The first year I lost over 60 pounds. The second year was basically maintenance and trying to stay exercising and eating decent while planning weddings for 2 of our daughters. This year I wanted to get serious again and lose the rest of the weight to get to my goal. A friend sent me some Arbonne Fitness samples. I thought well if she was kind enough maybe I would try them. She sent me some Fizz sticks, kind of a healthy alternative to energy drinks, and she sent some protein shake powder. I figured I needed something new and this was as good as any. Oh boy was I wrong. It is SO much better than I expected! I have been using the products for over a month and will be continuing. About halfway through the first month I began to notice lots of changes. Not only was I losing weight again, but I felt good, really good. Not hyper like too much caffeine good, I do NOT like that feeling, no , I felt healthy good. I stopped feeling so fatigued, I stopped feeling like I would crash if I didn’t take a handful of B complex daily. So then I really started to study up on what is in this stuff and why does it work so well. I will be posting the videos I have been watching, then sharing how you can get started with this too. I am now a consultant with Arbonne mostly just for myself and my family but I would be happy to order for you or help you if you like.

Oh yeah, I have lost 15 more pounds.

fitness tip #302

Keep a fitness journal. I used to use fitday.com but it seemed to need some updating, so recently I have switched to myfitnesspal.com , I journal what I eat and my exercise, it really helps as I tend to not eat enough if I don’t. It also has an app I can use on my phone that will even scan a barcode from the food I make, like the old fashioned oatmeal container. If you eat processed foods (which you shouldn’t) you can scan the package to add a serving to your day. That will probably help you kick that habit quickly.

fitness tip #301

the New year is a great time for new starts, but if you miss it there is a Monday in every week!

special events

One of our daughters is getting married this month but that is no reason to fall off the bandwagon. Still exercising and doing my best with the meals. Good so far.

fitness tip #107

Add some jump and shout praise music to your workout time.

fitness tip #106

While in the shower take some time to pray. A clean Spirit makes for a healthier body.

fitness tip #105

While in the shower use exfoliating gloves and or an exfoliating skin scrub, I will be adding some recipes for homemade ones. Scrubbing off the toxin laden dead skin cells makes your skin feel great, thus motivating you to keep going!

fitness tip #104

Another way your body eliminates toxins is through the skin, taking a shower every day not only cleans your outside it helps your body clean the inside.

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